Documents and Forms


Give this to your employer - they need this form to pay your super into your Engineering Super account.
This is the ATO version of the Super Nomination Form if your employer requires it in this format.
Complete this form to ensure your benefits go to the right people.
Complete this form to cancel a previous beneficiary nomination.
Complete this form to authorise a third party e.g. financial planner, to access your account details.
Complete this form to request a lump sum withdrawal from your Engineering Super account.

Fund Documents

Information about Engineering Super including key features, benefits, risks, fees and costs.
This guide forms part of the PDS. It provides further information about Engineering Super including key features, benefits, risks, fees and costs, and our investment options.
Give this to your employer with the choice form - it confirms that Engineering Super is a complying and regulated super fund that can accept super contributions.
Information about Engineering Super’s services, AFS licence, remuneration of our representatives and your rights as a customer.
Details on how to make a complaint about the fund.
Portfolio holding information for the fund as at 31 December 2023.
Design and distribution obligations for Engineering Super – 1 June 2024
The Trustee’s Retirement Income Strategy.
Information about the Annual Member Meeting including how to register and ask a question. Registrations close on the 30 January 2024.
This document contains general information about the fund including its financial performance, management and investment performance over the 2022-23 financial year.
Assessment of the outcomes achieved and evidence showing that members’ interests are being promoted.
Engineering Super will move from the Tidswell Master Superannuation Plan to OneSuper on 1 June 2024.
Update on the project to move Engineering Super's master trust to OneSuper on 1 June 2024.