Super for engineering students & grads

Engineering Super is also designed to help young engineers get their super organised.
Join before you graduate and get a head start with our loyalty discount program.
Plus we have a learning hub designed for young engineers to build your financial literacy.
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    Save on fees with our loyalty discount program
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    Get your super organised
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    Build your financial literacy

Save on fees with our loyalty discount program

Loyalty Discount Program
Bronze Plus
Silver Plus
Gold Plus
  • We created a loyalty discount program to reduce fees.
  • You’ll automatically be enrolled as soon as your account balance reaches $1,000.
  • If you receive a contribution to your super account every 12 months, you will be eligible for the loyalty fee rebate.
  • The loyalty discount program has seven membership levels, with the percentage-based admin fee discounts increasing over time.
See Fees & Discounts for more info.

Let’s get your super organised

Soon after joining, members can use the ‘Transfer my super’ page to combine other super funds into your Engineering Super account.
You can choose to combine them into your Engineering Super account, so you could;
  • Save money by not paying duplicate fees.

  • See all your super in one account.

  • Make sure none of your super is sitting at the ATO.
Note - your existing fund may offer you insurance. Currently Engineering Super does not offer insurance.
Super is your money - so let’s get it organised.

Ready to get started? Join in under 5 minutes.

Build your financial literacy

We’re helping members build their financial literacy, with practical things like:
  • A notification each time your super is paid.
  • Updates about changes to super legislation - like increases in the super guarantee.
  • How to make the most of government incentives.
  • Reminders about personal contributions and tax deductions.
  • How to save for your first home with super.

Join before you graduate

And get a head start on our loyalty discount program